24-hour diary to explore Osaka - Japan

Dubbed the culinary capital of Japan, Osaka is a must-visit destination when traveling to Japan .

Osaka may not be as crowded and large as Tokyo, but one thing for sure is that this city also gives Japan a large source of revenue from tourism. The small bars, restaurants and bustling streets, visitors can stay for a week or even two will not be able to discover all the delicious food and other interesting things here.

Food is the heart of Osaka culture. It is said that the people of Osaka spend more on food than anything else and that is why, they are very focused on investing in the kitchen. With 24 hours in Osaka seems a bit ambitious to explore Osaka - Japan , but this is also a great experience for you to understand more about the culture in the land of the rising sun.


10am in Osaka - Japan - Start the day at Hankyu Food Hall

While most cafes and restaurants open after 11 a.m., Hankyu Food Hall is an exception. This food court is located underneath the Umeda train station and spreads over two basements, where it sells almost everything from fresh sashimi and bento boxes to butter sandwiches and mouth-watering confectionery. Lice have quite a lot of delicious cakes from all over the world. Most store owners will allow you to try the food before you buy (not all, of course) - so be sure to try everything. The prices of the dishes here are also relatively reasonable, typically a salmon bento box for under $ 10.


Osaka _-_ Nhat_Ban_2
This food court is located below Umeda train station and spread over two basements



11:00 - Have coffee in Kitahama

Satisfy your caffeine cravings, head over to Kitahama and grab a cup at Moto Coffee or Brooklyn. After that, feel free to enjoy this bitter but stimulating drink by sitting on the deck overlooking the Nakanoshima river and basking in the morning sun. If you want to explore the area a little further, walk along the river past the majestic Wes Anderson-esque Town Hall and past Graf, which houses trendy furniture and home appliances shops designed in Japanese style.


Osaka _-_ Nhat_Ban_3
Satisfy your caffeine cravings, head over to Kitahama and grab a drink at Moto Coffee



1:00 pm - Explore Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is a famous landmark in Japan and a symbol of Osaka. Located in Chuo-ku, the castle has five stories, originally built in 1583 and the embodiment of the unification of Japan in the samurai era in the sixteenth century. Over time, the castle was destroyed, built and restored many times. Currently Osaka Castle is one of the best viewing spots in Osaka. To learn more about this place, find a local volunteer guide who is very knowledgeable and will pass on historical knowledge of the place to you completely free of charge. 


Osaka _-_ Nhat_Ban_4_jaslipska
Osaka Castle is a famous landmark in Japan

4:00 pm - Explore the Dao Tower and Sennichimae Doguyasuji

The knife tower is a showroom of knife products, many of which are quite unique that you can hardly find anywhere. And if you go to Osaka - Japan , this is the place you should visit at least once. The staff here are friendly, patient and able to speak a wide variety of languages, they will not only teach you about the Japanese knife culture but also show off your impressive carving skills with knives. their. Remember to bring your passport to get discounts for guests and purchase materials

A short walk from Dao Tower, you will reach Minami from Sennichimae Doguyasuji. The site nicknamed “Kitchen Street” is a 150-meter-long shopping district filled with ceramics and cooking utensils, attracting many famous chefs as well as those interested in food. This street also has other unique items, which can be said to be the perfect place to buy a souvenir for your family - or yourself.


7:00 PM - Wander around Dotonbori

Noted for its large signs, multicolored lighting and desirable cuisine, Dotonbori is the most iconic destination in Osaka - Japan. It's hard not to taste everything in sight, but to really taste the taste of Osaka grab a can of takoyaki or kushikatsu, or a plate of Osaka's famous okonomiyaki to chew on as you walk across the street and stroll along Canal. Although the area is always bustling - no matter what time of day Dotonbori comes to life only at night. Take a photo at the giant 'Glico Man' signboard and enjoy the city neon light.


Osaka _-_ Nhat_Ban_5_1
Dotonbori is noted for its large signs, multi-colored lighting and desirable cuisine



10:00 PM - Explore the back aisles of Namba and Shinsaibashi

There are countless yokochos in Osaka with some small bars accommodating less than ten people at a time. Blocked by a shabby-looking neighborhood or a dilapidated building, the best bars are often hidden and crowded with locals.


11am (next day) - hanging around Nakazakicho

If you have an interest in antiques, check out the alleys in Nakazakicho. Known as Osaka's retro town town, this neighborhood is decorated with bicycles and eye-catching murals and is home to over 100 charming cafes and shops.


Osaka _-_ Nhat_Ban_6
If you have an interest in antiques, look to the alleys in Nakazakicho