Do not miss the traditional Japanese cultural experiences

Becoming a Samurai, Geisha apprentice, learning to make sushi or pottery are extremely fascinating traditional Japanese cultural experiences that you can do when traveling to this land of the rising sun. 

Like many other long-standing countries, traditional Japanese culture manifests itself in many unique forms, which have been handed down for generations to the present day, each of which reflects the influence of neighboring countries and the West mingle with purely Japanese development.

Enjoying experiences unique to Japan and exchanging lots with local people will help you better understand the charming beauty of this country. The current tours and discoveries are designed to allow visitors to immerse themselves in traditional Japanese culture through the following subtle experiences.  

Experience traditional Japanese culture - Become a Samurai and a Ninja 

Ninja were spies operating in Japan from the Kamakura shogunate (1185-1333) to the Edo period (1603-1868), at a time when Japanese territory was ruled by Samurai. Today, you can experience the challenge of becoming a true Ninja or Samurai by dressing up, attending a martial arts class, watching an exhibition of costumes and weapons, then enjoying the chapters performing ancient techniques. 


Learning Shodo (writing Japanese calligraphy)

Shodo is an art form in which the spirit of the human body is mixed with martial arts moves. Kanji (Chinese characters) at first glance seem complicated and contain profound meanings, but their writing style is not as difficult as it is imagined. Meditation to write Shodo is also a traditional Japanese cultural experience that you can try while traveling in Japan.


Take part in Japanese Sushi making classes 

Japanese Cuisine - a cuisine recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage. Currently, visitors to Japan can fully participate in cooking classes - including Japanese sushi making courses. 

Learning to make Japanese sushi allows visitors to learn more deeply about the sushi culture of this country. Understand that over time, the Japanese have made many improvements in the way of making sushi and why this is a symbolic dish of Japanese cuisine. 


Experience pottery in Japanese soil

Feeling the beautiful combination between dishes and food is a part of Japanese culinary culture. Therefore, Japanese ceramic products are often made with great sophistication. If you have the opportunity, take part in a Japanese pottery lesson to make your own bowls. 


Experience traditional Japanese culture - Be a Geisha apprentice

Maiko or Geisha apprentices are girls who perform traditional Japanese traditional dances and other forms of entertainment at Japanese-style parties - Ozashiki. The Japanese culture is extremely brilliant and profound, characterized by the art of dressing up, through the performances of artistic skills and unique conversational styles and language. If you have the opportunity, try playing the role of a geisha and capture many charming images while wearing traditional Japanese outfits. 


Above are the traditional Japanese cultural experiences that you can try when traveling to this country. Each experience will give you a different feeling, helping you to have a deeper understanding of the unique culture of Japan, so do not miss it.