Fall on the land of Kansai

Kansai land in the early autumn days captivated thousands of visitors. Even more fun the upcoming Rugby World Cup will be held here.

Referring to the Kansai land of Japan, visitors will think of stone castles with high white walls, lakes full of swimming Koi fish, Sake winery just smells drunk and countless beaches full of white sand. Although the 'heart' of the Kansai land, Osaka and Kyoto, is energetic and enthusiastic, the whole land is peaceful and quiet, like a calm samurai with hot blood flowing inside. 

The white castle stands out in the golden autumn leaves. Source Matcha. 

This fall, Kansai land will host the Rugby World Cup, Rugby World Cup in Kobe and Osaka. So right now, a lot of tourists from all over the world are heading to Japan to prepare for the thrilling rugby matches that are about to take place.
Kansaianh2Rugby matches are about to kick off, making fans excited. Source Stuffnz

If you don't like football, it's okay, the Kansai region lacks places to eat, check-in, just pick up your backpack and go. The first destination when talking about Kansai is the colorful Kobe city. Everyone who comes to Kobe is jealous of the indigenous people because of the interesting life, the scenery is so impressive, especially in the autumn when the red leaves cover many places. Just 20 minutes by train from Osaka, Kobe city with the terrain between the mountains and the ocean will leave you in awe. This is also one of the first cities in Japan to open to the world in 1868, leading to the fusion of culture, cuisine and architecture of many different cultures.

Kansaianh3Kobe city an early autumn. Source Fiveprime. 

What makes Kansai land in general and Kobe in particular proud are the majestic forests and waterfalls. Even Kobe always has Nunobiki waterfall, located in the wilderness just a short walk from the shinkanshen station. This is one of the highest waterfalls in Japan. The water at this waterfall is so pure that, since the olden days, many crews came here to get water to take on the ship to prepare for the distant voyage. The figures of sailors shine into the flowing autumn water filled with falling maple leaves.
Kansaianh4Nunobuki waterfall lurks in autumn red colors. So-net source. 

The next destination when visiting Kansai land in autumn is Himeji city. The majority of visitors come to Himeji to visit the castle then quickly return to Osaka, however, Himeji is more interesting and the beauty here is only for those who are truly interested in exploring. Of course you must visit Himeji-jyo, a castle located on a 96m high hill. According to the local people, the ancient warlord built up based on the image of a flying white heron. This is the only castle in Japan recognized by Unesco. Many people say that Himeji-jyo is most beautiful in spring when cherry blossoms bloom like the life of a beautiful, but short-lived samurai dies. But there is another opinion that it is the golden color of autumn that makes this place clearly show its longevity before the rigors of time.
Himeji-jyo Castle rises amid a sea of ​​crimson maple leaves. Source JNTO. 

Having a chance to visit Kansai in the fall without drinking sake is wrong. Especially when visiting Himeji, which is said to have the number one sake breweries. At Hemeji, you can visit the Nadagiku factory, which produces more than 1,800 liters of sake per day. It is just a 20-minute walk from the station, with an English-speaking staff ready to guide visitors. After visiting around, have dinner with sukiyaki, a type of beef hotpot dipped in raw eggs, and of course, a few glasses of genuine Kansai sake.
Kansaianh6Warm Sukiyaki is suitable in cold early autumn weather. Source Lifestyleasia