Interesting things are waiting for you when exploring Tokyo - Japan

With two international airports, Tokyo is often the first and last stop on a tourist's trip to Japan, but the city deserves much more than a quick stopover. It's a refinement of the best and worst that this country has to offer - clean, safe and convenient, but also crowded, expensive and compliant (just squeeze into a rush train you will probably get punished).

Explore Tokyo , you will find this place is also extremely diverse in both architecture and culture with wooden buildings located next to modern towers of forged glass and steel, food restaurants next to the stalls. the restaurant has served the same three noodle dishes over generations. Whether you are interested in food, art, sports, architecture, nightlife or fashion, you are sure to find Tokyo very attractive.


There are the best and most exotic museums

Tokyo has more exotic (and often the best) museums than any other city in the world. On the fifth floor of a building without Nihonbashi, you can visit the Little Kite Museum, which houses a plethora of traditional artifacts, some of which date back to the Edo period. Or maybe the Meguro Lat Parasitology Museum will pique your interest with horrendous artifacts of a wide range of parasites. Thankfully, most of them are not that popular anymore, but if you want to bring a parasite as a souvenir, you can buy it at a museum, their shape is still simulated in keychains. sold here.


Tokyo has more exotic museums than any other city in the world.


Further in Mitaka is the Ghibli Museum, where you can watch a short movie in a small cinema, wander through the recreations of the Hayao animation office Miyazaki Hayao and hang out with the giant robotic creature giant on the ceiling. Even if you're not a Miyazaki fan, you'll be swept up in the magic of this museum, where there are fascinating quirks in every corner like the kaleidoscope, ink bottles and sketches of the Strange creatures looked out from the pile of books. 


Watch sumo tournaments

Three of the six grand sumo tournaments (honbasho) of the year are held in Tokyo, so you have a better chance of seeing these giants clash here than any other city in Japan. Head to (with your reserved ticket) the giant sumo hall in Ryogoku early in the day. It will be quite empty as smaller matches take place, so you can get down near the round to watch. As the day passed and the large hall was filled with the audience, the clashes became shorter, the competition time also longer. 


Three of the six major sumo tournaments (honbasho) of the year were held in Tokyo

By the time you watch tournaments reach the highest levels of the sport, you'll see spectators cheering frantically with stomping, salt-throwing, and intimidation movements between wrestlers to boost Add tension atmosphere, it can be said that Sumo wrestling is one of the typical cultural features of Japan that you should experience if you want to explore Tokyo .


Because it's the most diverse place in Japan

Japan is a very homogeneous country, exploring Tokyo you will have many opportunities to see other cultures blend with Japan. Shin-Okubo is considered as a branch of Seoul (Korea) in Tokyo, which is worth exploring if you are a traveler with a passion for street food, such as warm hottoku pancakes (hotteok in Korea). filled with brown sugar and melted cinnamon. Or head to Nishi Kaisai if you want a Japanese version of the curry (kare raisu). A short trip in Yokohama, which is Japan's largest Chinatown, where you can enjoy delicious steamed buns.


explore Tokyo you will have many opportunities to see other cultures blend with Japan


Discovering Tokyo , visitors will feel the culture of the whole city is much more diverse than the rest of this country. From English pubs to Jamaican themed cafes, you'll find an endless, intriguing blend of Japanese and foreign culture here.


Guests will feel the diverse culture of the city (Photo: alexetiawan)



Eat meals like royalty

With more Michelin stars than any other city in the world, it's no surprise that food in Tokyo is the best for Japanese tourists . In Tokyo, you can find relatively affordable Michelin star restaurants, especially in Ginza Ibuki and Shinjuku Kappo Nakajima. It can be said that Tokyo cuisine is extremely attractive and it is difficult to find a bad restaurant or restaurant. From world-class sushi chefs to street stalls selling just two types of ramen, you'll find tiny, specialty places to eat.


Tokyo has more Michelin stars than any other city in the world


Street food always attracts visitors, no matter which country you set foot in, because you can try many dishes with small portions. And Tokyo has several streets known for their food stalls and roadside eateries. Head to Omoide Yokocho and you will find an impossibly bustling food street, Togoshi Ginza Shotengai is famous for its crispy croquettes (extremely popular and varied in Japan and called korokke); Nakamise Dori in Asakusa offers traditional flavors like mochi and dango. And Takeshita Dori in Harajuku will be the place to provide the sweet ice cream and ice cream cakes.