Peaceful scenery like paradise in Nagano Japan

Nagano is  located in the Chūbu region, on Honshū Island, known as a peaceful paradise in the heart of Japan. This place is known for its beautiful scenery, attractive landscapes attracting a large number of tourists to explore every year.

About Nagano 

Nagano is a province not adjacent to the sea but is blessed by nature with enchanting beauty. In addition, historical relics of cultural value and attractive and diverse natural features are also a bright spot for visitors to visit and explore. Therefore, it would not be too much to say Nagano - a peaceful paradise in the heart of Japan. 

Travel Japan - visit the peaceful paradise of NaganoNagano - peaceful paradise in the heart of Japan

Nagano paradise features 9 of the 12 highest mountains in the land of the rising sun that Nagano is favorably named as "Kingdom of high mountains". Traveling to Japan  in spring and coming here you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the pink scenery of cherry blossoms under the magnificent and magnificent Matsumoto castle. If you come here on summer days, you will be immersed in the wild natural space, lost in the mushroom forest with the noise of cicadas. Or the autumn leaves autumn is the time when we can admire the charming scenery, then bustle with the exciting and attractive skiing in the cold winter. 

Travel Japan - visit the peaceful paradise of NaganoSpring, Nagano is filled with beautiful cherry blossoms


Matsumoto - a treasure of Japan

Visiting Nagano prefecture, Japan , please take a moment to come! This is one of the most beautiful castles in medieval times and is considered a treasure of Japan. In addition to the massive architecture, Matsumoto Castle also has a picturesque landscape with two striking contrasting black and white colors on the distant Japanese Alps. Visitors here can watch the cherry blossoms in full bloom in the spring, the green scenery on summer day, the red sky of the spring day and finally the white snow of winter. Besides, you can also visit the Nawate Historical Street or the Matsumoto Art Museum - home to Yayoi Kusama's artistic masterpieces (a famous artist from Matsumoto).

Travel Japan - visit the peaceful paradise of NaganoMatsumoto - national treasure becomes 400 years old


Jigokudani Yaen-koen - The place where monkeys take a dip 

Great if on cold winter days, you come to On cold winter days, you can go to Jigokudani Yaen park in the small town of Yamanouchi in Nagano , to see Japanese monkeys naturally soaking in I'm in the onsen hot spring just like a human. This image has become the symbol of the province that attracts many visitors every year. In addition to watching the group of monkeys bathing on hot springs, you can also relax by yourself here. In particular, Yamanouchi hot spring also contains many healthy minerals.

Travel Japan - visit the peaceful paradise of NaganoJigokudani Yaen-koen - Where monkeys take a dip in the onsen


Karuizawa - a great resort 

After a day of sightseeing, visitors must be tired. Then come to Karuizawa to rest and relax! This is the number one resort destination for Canadian missionaries 130 years ago. Here, you can freely enjoy the cold calm space with scattered hot springs, or watch the harmonious natural scenery beside the typical architecture.

Travel Japan - visit the peaceful paradise of NaganoKaruizawa - a great resort 

In addition, you can also freely shop at Karuizawa prince shopping plaza with more than 200 stalls selling a variety of items and costumes. In the end, the best part is that apart from a shopping mall and a commemorative ticket and postcard booth, there aren't any groceries, stalls or any other vendors to pull you off. Karuizawa gives us the best time to stay away from the world.

Travel Japan - visit the peaceful paradise of NaganoShopping in Karuizawa prince shopping plaza