Visit the 5 most famous Japanese check-in points

One of the most ideal travel options is definitely Japan, a sunrise country famous for its hard-working people and unique traditional culture. If you have the opportunity, do not miss the 5 most beautiful check-in places below!

The blend of traditional and modern beauty has helped Japan to be positively welcomed by international friends and always love this country. Besides the moments of experiencing and visiting the cities, you can not forget to take some very good "check-in" pictures to keep memories and show off to your friends, right? 

Then don't miss the 5 most beautiful Japanese check-in points below for a perfect Instagram look!

1. Mountain Inasa - the most beautiful night view place in Japan

Mount Inasa has an altitude of over 300 meters and is very close to the center of Nagasaki city. With a convenient location, overlooking Nagasaki port, Inasa is considered one of the three most beautiful night views in this country. This is an extremely suitable place to travel with family, couples or photography enthusiasts. 

To reach the top of Mount Inasa, you can take the regular bus line 5 outside Nagasaki station. You will see the bus schedule at the station. Round trip regular bus fares will fall at 300 yen. To get a panoramic view of this wonderful city, you should take the cable car but the cost will be quite expensive. The price is over 1200 yen for the round trip and 740 yen for the one way trip. 


Japan's most famous check-in pointInasa Mountain is one of the 3 most beautiful night views in Japan


Japan's most famous check-in pointThis is a very suitable place to go with family and husband


2. Shibuya - birthplace of trends in Tokyo

People often call Shibuya as the iconic intersection of Tokyo when it is the place that created and pioneered the Japanese trend. Stroll around Shibuya, and you will be spoiled for shopping with countless shopping, eateries, bars and nightclubs. 

The perfect place in Tokyo for trendy check-in pictures ? Shibuya intersection busy. 


Shibuya is the most famous check-in point in JapanShibuya is the busiest place in Japan

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Standing_Still_at_Shibuya_Crossing_Tokyo_by_Richard_Schneider_on_500px_1The density of check-in on Instagram is 9.6 million


3. Harajuku - cultural center of Japanese youth

Harajuku in the Shibuya district of Tokyo city, is considered as a cultural destination of Japanese youth. There are countless unique and stylish fashion boutiques, large department stores and lots of lovely cafes. Although located near Shibuya, Harajuku is completely different when it is famous for its fashion and jewelry stores that cater mainly to teenagers.

Walking on the street, you can easily see young people in trendy clothes and not afraid to express their unique fashion personality, unique ego. This has helped young Japanese people feel confident about themselves. If you are a fashion lover, want to have personality photos, Harajuku is the best "check-in" spot for you!


harajukuHarajuku is the place at the forefront of the fashion trend of Japanese youth
harajuku_2Japanese teenagers confidently pose for personality


4. Shinjuku - Japan's largest red light district

Shinjuku is one of the busiest train stations in the World and has many famous fashion and clothing boutiques, upscale restaurants, and exciting entertainment activities. Modern street with high-rise buildings, beautiful structures, history museum, handicraft shops. Shinjuku is famous for traditional dishes such as ramen, sushi, yakitori. 

Dubbed the "sleepless town", the neighborhood is always bustling and bustling day or night, filled with restaurants, bars and nightclubs, glowing with neon red. Do not hesitate to pick up the phone right away to go to the red light district to make "shots" of fading, subtle Shinjuku style.


shinjuku's most famous check-in point in JapanModern street with tall buildings and commercial centers


5. Huis Ten Bosch - ancient Dutch town in Japan

Huis ten bosch Park is located in Sasebo city, Nagasaki prefecture. The park is inspired by the Old Quarter of the Netherlands and is used a lot for dramas, movies, ... There are 4 kingdoms designed in Huis ten bosch: kingdom flower, game kingdom, kingdom of light, kingdom of music.

Here, there are many luxurious restaurants serving Asian and European food, visitors also have boat trips to take beautiful check-in . 


Huis-Ten-Bosch 3 of Japan's most famous check-in pointsPark recreates old Dutch town


Japan's most famous check-in pointVisitors will have moments of discovery of the innumerable beauty of the four kingdoms and creativity with lenses