A list of street food cannot be missed when coming to Tokyo

Street food also plays an important role in Japanese culinary culture as much as those at restaurants. Coming to Tokyo, do not just look for and experience local cuisine at Japanese restaurants, street food in the capital of this sunrise country is equally attractive and rich.

Ikayaki - A popular street food in Tokyo markets

Ikayaki (grilled squid) is a popular street food in Tokyo. Whole or a part of the squid will be dipped with sweet soy sauce and spices, then nightly skewered and grilled over embers. This dish often appears at local fairs and festivals. You can also find year-round ikayaki at places like the Tsukiji Fish Market Outer Market in Tokyo's Chūō Ward.


Ikayaki (grilled squid) is a popular street food in Tokyo



Taiyaki - Famous street food in Tokyo

You will find taiyaki street food all over Tokyo city. Taiyaki are traditional fish shaped cakes filled with red bean paste (anko). Today, in order to satisfy the diverse tastes of tourists, Taiyaki besides the familiar red bean paste, there are many other types of filling from cheese to custard. One of the famous taiyaki brands in Tokyo is Kurikoan, in Akihabara.


Taiyaki are traditional fish shaped cakes




Dango are dumplings made from rice flour and have many similarities with mochi. Dango is very popular and can be found at convenience stores. However, the best one is still processed directly and bought on the street, especially during festivals. If traveling to Japan, try a special hanami dango at the Cherry Blossom Festival that takes place on the Meguro River or the famous charcoal dango of Mount Takao.


Dango are dumplings made from rice flour and have many similarities with mochi




Takoyaki are round cakes cooked on a special grill and stuffed with small octopus pieces inside. Also known as octopus balls or octopus dumplings, takoyaki can be found at festivals and even in some grocery stores. The cake taste is quite easy to eat, so it is very popular with international visitors who want to experience Japanese cuisine through street food . In Tokyo, the famous place to sell Takoyaki is at Gindaco takoyaki stores.


The cake is also known as octopus ball or octopus dumpling



Crispy cake

The cute and colorful crepe has become a street food icon of the Harajuku area. Stroll down Takeshita Street and you will have a lot of restaurants serving this dish and of course, buyers also line up very long waiting to enjoy the dish.



Okonomiyaki are pancakes made from specialized pancakes flour and mixed with meat and vegetables (usually a lot of cabbage), then topped with mayonnaise. The cake filling, depending on each area, will have different ways of processing, bringing a very special taste. Street-style okonomiyaki can be found at local festivals, which are also sold in specialty restaurants in Tokyo.


The cake filling depending on each area will have different cooking methods




Chestnuts are one of the most popular street food in Tokyo in the fall and winter. Ōkunitama Shrine even holds a Chestnut Festival every September. During the chestnut season, you can enjoy roasted nuts from snack shops around pedestrian areas such as Asakusa's Sensō-ji and Ueno Park.


Kasutera (Castella)

Kasutera are light sponge cakes that are made quite simply but are especially loved by indigenous people and visitors. Cakes come in a variety of sizes and are sold on the streets throughout Tokyo. Kasutera recipe originated from Portugal, the Portuguese brought this recipe to Japan in the 16th century. Today, it is Kasutera's enduring popularity that is a testament to the the deliciousness it brings to customers. Cakes can be purchased at food courts, food fairs or local festivals.


Cakes come in a variety of sizes and are sold on the streets throughout Tokyo


Yakitori is a popular grilled offal dish in Japan. From the heart, liver to the trough and the neck, this snack ensures no part of the animal is wasted. Yakitori skewers are often the mainstay of the izakaya (a type of pub) menu but are also enjoyed as a street food during festivals. Memory Lane (Omoide Yokochō) also known as Piss Alley, is famous for its many small yakitori.


Yakitori is a popular grilled offal dish in Japan




Kakigōri is a street food most enjoyed in summer. It is shaved ice topped with fruit-flavored syrup or created with new flavors, offering more experiences to diners like caramel and chocolate. Kakigōri is widely sold at summer festivals and fireworks festivals (hanabi).


Kakigōri is a street food most enjoyed in summer



Stir-fried noodles with Yakisoba

Not only famous in Tokyo, Yakisoba fried noodles is also one of the street food that is loved by Japanese people and appears everywhere in Japan. Similar to other street food , this stir-fried noodle is peddled in Japanese street trucks. In addition, simply by simple means and beautiful small tables at the booths are enough to create an extremely attractive and attractive restaurant, creating a typical street food culture of Japan. . Traditional yakisoba noodles will usually include the main ingredients: Yakisoba noodles, yakisoba sauce, carrots, cabbage, onions, meat, shrimp ...


Similar to other street food, this stir-fried noodle is peddled in trucks