Hunting down the famous 'hut' ramen shop when traveling to Japan

Ramen is a famous and typical noodle dish in the country of the rising sun. When traveling to Japan, you will come across a lot of delicious Ramen noodle restaurants. However, one of the most famous places that everyone and visitors come to enjoy is the red-light neighborhood ramen, Nakasu, Fukuoka city.

Hunting for super hot "hut" noodles in Nakasu red light district

When you come to Fukouka, Japan, you will be told the famous noodle dish in the busiest and busiest district in the city. When sunset falls, the lanterns are lit, hundreds of restaurants, bars, ... start bustling activities. In it, the Hakata ramen shop stands out again with a small space under a "hut", everyone sits together very cozy. 


Japanese travelThe "hut" ramen shop stands out with a cozy space


Hakata ramen today is present in many branches of ramen in Japan, but the people of cherry blossom country still think that the most delicious and delicious is still in Fukuoka. Enjoying delicious noodles in the bustling atmosphere of the bustling red light district is an experience not to be missed. 

Nakasu neighborhood began to bustle from 10 pm, when the shops were crowded with customers in and out. There are many luxury noodle shops that serve Hakata noodles, however, the "hut" noodle shop is still more popular with people and visitors. 


Japanese travelThe "hut" noodle shop is still more popular with people and visitors


The "hut" noodle shop in Nakasu red light street is actually just a convenient trolley, surrounded by canvas by the owner, and has enough tables and chairs for customers to sit. Each noodle shop can only accommodate about 15 to 20 guests, the main kitchen is located in the center, the real khashc will gather around the main kitchen and enjoy delicious ramen. 

It has a sweet taste because it is stewed from pork bones, flat noodles are not the thin noodles commonly found in shoyu ramen, thinner than usual and have a certain softness. When using noodles, you will use the same green onion, a few slices of pork, the price of a bowl of ramen is about 100,000-150,000 VND . You can sprinkle a little sesame to increase the aroma of the bowl of noodles. 

Hunting for 4 delicious ramen shops around Hakata

1. Hakata Issou The shop east of Hakata Station - the most crowded ramen shop in line


Japanese travelThe second most popular ramen shop in Japan


If you come to Hakata, you must definitely try Tonkotsu ramen. You can find this noodle dish at "Hakata Issou Shop East of Hakata Station". Even normal days, the restaurant is also crowded with customers to line up to enjoy the "great" noodle. The most characteristic of crab noodle dish is the broth made from pork bone, sweet and rich like cappuccino.

2. Hakata Ikkosha Hakata Honten - a famous ramen shop with a branch in the world


Japanese travelFamous ramen shop with branches in the world


With main branch in Hakata Japan and sub branches in several Asian and American countries, Hakata Ikkosha Hakata Honten is one of the most famous ramen shops in the country. The broth is simmered from pork bones, creamy, creamy, homemade pasta, thin fibers, medium crunchy, very suitable for broth. You can order more char siu to eat with. Besides the main course that Tonkotsu ramen, the restaurant also serves side dishes such as fried rice, gyoza, ... 

3. Butaya - a strong flavored ramen shop 


Japanese travelThe ramen noodle shop has a bold, characteristic broth of pork bones


In most ramen shops around Hakata, the water is made from pork bones, but made to taste mild. But if you are a person who loves strong food, you can enjoy ramen with the characteristic strong smell of pork bones at Butaya. The noodles are thin, the broth is slightly fatty, has a consistency and is very sweet. 

4. Hakata Menyataitakumi - eat ramen noodles and drink wine


Japanese travelYou can use ramen noodles with wine, gyoza, dried fish, potatoes, ...


The main dish is Tonkotsu ramen, which is loved by everyone. Simple, sweet taste, not too fat. Besides, you can also use alcohol, snacks such as gyoza, dried fish, potatoes, ... 

Other interesting sights around Fukouka


Japanese travelVisit the famous Asahi brewery and also a famous beer brand in Japan


In addition, when visiting Hakata Fukouka, you can visit the famous Asahi Brewery and also a famous Japanese beer brand. Located right next to Takeshita Station, only 1 station from Hakata Station, the 90-minute brewery tour will help you understand the process to make a famous beer brand, taste the brewery's beer, even You can even try to cook and bring back a little of your own fruit. 


Japanese travelIshiKura Shuzou Hakat is registered as a tangible cultural heritage with a history of more than 140 years


Hakata, Fukouka Japan is known to be the oldest and most developed wine-making place. There are many wineries within the city . Just a 10-minute walk from Gion Station, Ishikura Shuzou Hakata building is registered as a tangible cultural heritage , with a history of more than 140 years. In the building, there are famous Japanese wines such as Hyakunenzou, apricot wine, sparkling liqueur using Fukouka's specialty strawberries, ... 

It can be said that Fukuoka is the largest and most modern city in Japan. This will definitely be a new stopover and promises memorable experiences for Japanese tourists.