Nagoya cuisine and famous delicacies not to be missed

Nagoya cuisine is famous for its signature delicacies known as Nagoya Meshi - which is unique to Nagoya and its vicinity in Aichi Prefecture and cannot be found anywhere else in Japan.

About Nagoya cuisine

Located along the fertile Nobi Plain, the city of Nagoya has long been an agricultural and economic center, allowing it to develop a strong culinary tradition that is radically different from its neighbours. Unlike the gentle flair of Kyoto cuisine or the lavish Osaka food culture , Nagoya's local specialties are in their own unique style and offer the familiar feel of hearty dishes. . There are many restaurants that can be found around the city, especially around Nagoya Station, Sakae and along the various shopping districts of the city.

Nagoya Meshi is the local dish of Nagoya . It is unique to the cuisine of Nagoya and its vicinity in Aichi Prefecture and cannot be found anywhere else in Japan with this form. Nagoya Meshi is not the name of a dish but the name of a cuisine that can only be found in Nagoya.


The famous grilled eel rice dish of Nagoya cuisineThe famous grilled eel rice dish of Nagoya cuisine


Nagoya cuisine is diverse in color and flavor. Miso, a condiment made from fermented beans is used in many dishes in Nagoya. So most of their color is brown. Nagoya has cultivated its own unique food culture that you rarely get in any other region in Japan.


Fried chicken wings are a specialty in Nagoya - Nagoya CuisineFried chicken wings are a specialty in Nagoya


Nagoya has many famous attractions that attract interested visitors, including Nagoya Castle , Japan's most important Shinto temple Atsuta Jingu, and Osu Kannon Temple which is a famous Buddhist temple in the center. city. Once you have visited these fascinating places and feel like eating something, Nagoya will take your travel experience to the next level with delicious food.

Nagoya is said to be home to some of Japan's finest cuisine . It's always been a popular destination known for some of the country's best and most exciting food.

Delicious foods to eat in Nagoya

Miso-Nikomi Udon: A soup made with Mame-miso and Hacho-miso, the original Japanese miso that is brown in color. Noodles are only half boiled to make them chewy. This udon noodle dish is the first thing that comes to Japanese mind when they think of traveling to Nagoya . It is completely different from what you think about Japanese udon noodles in general.


Miso-Nikomi Udon - Nagoya CuisineMiso-Nikomi Udon


Miso Breaded Pork Cutlet: Nagoya is the only place where a miso-based sauce is used for breaded pork. Original miso sauce made from Mame (beans) -miso, sweetened cooked sake, sugar and broth. People dip breaded pork cutlets in this sauce. Miso sauce turns breaded pork cutlet into a completely different dish.


Miso Breaded Pork Cutlet - Nagoya CuisineMiso breaded pork cutlet


Doteni & Dotemeshi: Dote-ni (stewed beef tendon) and Dote-meshi (stewed beef tendon and rice) have been popular dishes since the Taisho period. Beef tendons and organs stewed with Mame (beans)-miso and Mirin (sweet sake) is called Dote-ni or Dote-yaki. The history of miso-katsu (pork cutlet) is said to begin with dipping pork skewers in a Dote-ni pot. It's a great example of Nagoya- style home cooking .


Doteni & Dotemeshi - Nagoya CuisineDoteni & Dotemeshi


Miso Oden is one of the most famous dishes in Japan : a variety of foods are simmered in the broth of tuna and seaweed for a long period of time. In Nagoya there are two types of Kantodaki and Miso-oden, which are stewed with miso. This dish can be traced back to the Muromachi period.


Miso Oden - Nagoya CuisineMiso Oden


Hitsumabushi: Before the local dish of Nagoya gained attention as Nagoya-meshi (food), many gourmets knew about Hitsumabushi and the unique way of eating of Nagoya people. Hitsumabushi is grilled eel with rice. There are three different ways to eat Hitsumabushi and also rules on how you eat it. It's a prime example of Nagoya's unique culinary tradition .


Hitsumabushi - Nagoya CuisineHitsumabushi


Chicken Wings: Originally sold at Furaibo, Sekai no Yamachan and Tubasaya made deep fried chicken wings popular. Nowadays, there are many restaurants serving them. There is a certain rule to eat them and the people of Nagoya learn to eat them when they are young. Chicken wings are often used to make broth, but people here began to fry them as a dish.

Chicken Wings - Nagoya CuisineChicken wings


Nagoya's Kishimen Udon is a flat udon that originated in Nagoya. The soup has a slightly sweet taste due to the sweet sake. Boiled spinach and fried tofu are accompaniments to this noodle dish. Try the kishimen topped with tuna flakes.


Kishimen Udon - Nagoya CuisineKishimen Udon


Ankake Spaghetti: Rich in flavor, this Nagoya dish features thick noodles that are briefly boiled and then fried to crisp. Then, the noodles are covered with meat and vegetable sauce.


Ankake Spaghetti - Nagoya CuisineAnkake Spaghetti


Sugakiya noodles are ramen made from pork bones mixed with rich flavors of seaweed and seafood. This is known as Nagoya's fast food because you can sit down at the counter and grab a hot bowl and eat it quickly.


Sugakiya Noodles - Nagoya CuisineMì Sugakiya


Taiwanese Noodles: This dish from Nagoya is not really available in Taiwan. These are extremely unique soy sauce-based noodles topped with ground pork, leeks, and fried bean sprouts.


Taiwanese Noodles - Nagoya CuisineTaiwanese Noodles


Spaghetti: You can't find this spaghetti in Italy. Nagoya is the birthplace of this spaghetti dish. Red sausage, ham, bacon, onions, green peppers and mushrooms are sautéed with ketchup to coat the noodles. The beaten eggs are poured onto a hot iron plate and spaghetti is placed on top. It's a Japanese-style pasta dish.


Special pasta only in Nagoya - Nagoya CuisineSpecial pasta only in Nagoya


Tenmusu: This is a very popular rice ball dish with shrimp tempura inside. Since it tastes great without being reheated, it is enjoyed by everyone and has become one of Nagoya's unique local dishes .


Tenmusu - Nagoya CuisineTenmusu


Curry and Udon Noodles: You can find curries and udon everywhere in Japan, but curry and udon in Nagoya is special. It uses chicken and seafood soup. Most regular Japanese curries and udon use potato starch, but in Nagoya it is used flour, which makes Nagoya's udon thick and sticky. 


Curry and Udon Noodles - Nagoya CuisineCurry and Udon noodles


Fried shrimp is the signature dish of Nagoya : You can eat fried shrimp anywhere in Japan, but Nagoya's fried shrimp dish is special. Nagoya has restaurants serving giant fried shrimp, and some restaurants even create the original dish due to the giant fried shrimp resembling the Golden Carp atop Nagoya castle. Also, a lot of Nagoya related gifts are made to look like fried shrimp.


Fried Shrimp - Nagoya CuisineFried shrimp


Kissaten: If you order coffee, you get a free "morning set". "Morning" usually means "a toast, salad and a hard-boiled egg." In places with a lot of Kissaten, some serve ochazuke, miso soup, chawanmushi and udon. Sometimes they serve peanuts and cakes after hours for free.


Kissaten - Nagoya CuisineKissaten


Senbei are rice cakes that can be found all over Japan. They come in a variety of flavors and with different ingredients depending on the region. Aichi is the largest producer of Senbei made from shrimp that can be found in abundance in the area in Nagoya. These shrimp rice cakes are called Ebi Senbei.


Senbei Nagoya CuisineSenbei


Uiro is not limited to Nagoya and can be found all over the country. The confectionery is made from steam, rice flour, and sugar, adding other flavors such as brown sugar, green tea, red beans or yuzu citrus. 90% of the cake is produced in the area making it a real specialty of Nagoya. This is a very popular souvenir to bring home for friends and family after a visit to Nagoya and can be found in department stores and souvenir shops.


Uiro - Nagoya CuisineViro