Travel to Nagoya - the home of one of the famous Japanese cuisines

Nagoya is the fourth largest city in Japan and is located in the charming Aichi region of the country. It is best known as probably the center of the auto industry in Japan and you will find all the big name factories here like Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi.

If you want to know more about your  Japan travel beyond Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, then check out Nagoya, the country's fourth largest city! The capital of Aichi Prefecture has an exceptional food culture and a rich history, thanks to its close ties to the old Tokugawa dynasty, which left behind majestic Nagoya castle and wonderful architectural legacies. such as Atsuta Shrine, one of Japan's most prominent temples. The city not only preserves historical beauty, but is also a center of science and industry, and is home to Toyota - the world's largest car company.


Nagoya TourismNagoya City


Nagoya tourist attractions

The most convenient way to get from Tokyo to Nagoya is by bullet train. Take the Nozomi or Hikari bullet train from Tokyo Station and you'll be at Nagoya Station in less than two hours (11,300 yen one way). This is the most recommended option for those who have a JR Pass. Here, there are quite a few places to visit Nagoya you can visit:



Atsuta Shrine is one of Japan's most important shrines. It was built sometime between AD 71 and 130 to house the Kusanagi no Tsurugi, an ancient sword that is considered one of the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan.


Du lịch Nagoya --Atsuta-jinguAtsuta-jingu


Atsuta Shrine is located in a large forest with an area of ​​about 200,000 square meters. It has many walking trails and smaller shrines, so it makes for a green and quiet getaway in contrast to the hustle and bustle of Nagoya .


Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle has been the symbol of Nagoya for over 400 years. Originally built in 1612 by Tokugawa Ieyasu, the military ruler who founded the Edo period, the structure stands at an impressive 48 meters tall. After the original building burned down in 1945, it was reconstructed in 1959 using the same techniques and materials as the first construction. So you can get an accurate insight into the lives of feudal Japanese lords and samurai while wandering through this architectural masterpiece. At the top of the castle, you can see two golden shachi (tiger-headed carp) that are considered symbols of the city.


Nagoya Castle - Nagoya Tourism
Nagoya Castle


Osu Kannon

When traveling to Nagoya, don't forget to visit Osu Kannon, a famous Buddhist temple known for a large wooden statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy. It was carved by Kobo Daishi, an important figure in Japanese Buddhism. The shrine is also home to the Shinpukuji library, which holds a number of national treasures and important cultural assets of Japan.


Osu Kannon Shrine - Nagoya TourismOsu Kannon Shrine


If you visit Osu Kannon may also want to visit the Osu shopping district. Located right next to the shrine, it's a series of covered shopping streets with over 400 restaurants and shops, many of which specialize in electronics, anime and cosplay, and it's likened to Tokyo's Akihabara district .


Shirotori's Garden

Located less than a kilometer from Atsuta Shrine, Shirotori Garden is another oasis in Nagoya. It is a Japanese landscape garden that occupies an area of ​​about four hectares. Like all Japanese gardens, the features of Shirotori Garden are representative of the Japanese landscape in miniature.


Shirotori Garden - Nagoya TourismShirotori's Garden


Shirotori Garden offers a change of scenery depending on the season, with cherry blossoms in the spring and yellow and red foliage in the fall. Visitors to the Shirotori garden can enjoy "teatime" in the traditional tea room as well as other small events throughout the year, such as a bonsai exhibition in January or classical Japanese concerts.


Toyota Industrial Museum

This museum is located on the site of the original company in central Nagoya, and showcases the history of the Toyota corporation. Exhibits ranging from textile production to robotics, with interactive activities are also available in English. If you are interested in the history of the world's largest car company, from its origins to its recent development, and want to know more about what is perhaps the most iconic company in the region, area, this place is a must visit!


Toyota Industry Museum - Nagoya TourismToyota Industrial Museum


Midland Square Sky Promenade

Midland Square is the tallest building in Nagoya, Nagoya Station is directly opposite and a place tourists Nagoya famous. The first floor and basement of the building have many shops, cinemas, restaurants and cafes. The 247-meter-tall building also offers an outdoor observatory on the top floors called the Sky Promenade, with an almost 360-degree panoramic view of Nagoya. Several restaurants are located on the 41st and 42nd floors with tables overlooking the impressive city views.


Midland Square Sky Promenade Building - Nagoya TourismMidland Square Sky Promenade Building


Oasis 21

Often referred to as “Spaceship Aqua,” Oasis 21 is just a short train ride from Nagoya Station. This ultra-modern complex has countless stores in the basement, including Studio Ghibli and Shonen Jump stores. However, the main attraction is waiting for you at the top of "Galaxy". During the day, this simple glass walkway may not be impressive, but at night, this roof will transform when illuminated. At the top of the roof, you can stroll around a man-made floating lake while soaking up views of downtown Nagoya .


Oasis 21 - Nagoya TravelOasis 21


Tokugawaen Garden

This Japanese garden belongs to the Owari-Tokugawa family, one of the branches of the Tokugawa clan, which ruled in the Edo period. Their former residence is located here, and the original garden covers an area of ​​44 hectares. The current garden is laid out in a typical "daimyo" garden style (a feudal lord's landscaped garden with a central pond) and offers various landscapes and striking seasonal flowers such as single and iris.


Tokugawaen Garden - Nagoya TourismTokugawaen Garden


Nabana no Sato

If you're traveling to Nagoya between mid-October and early May, then you might want to spend the day at Nabana no Sato. Located less than an hour from Kuwana City, this is a botanical garden that hosts one of the largest light shows in Japan. It has seven installations with more than 8 million LEDs, including two light tunnels, each more than 100 meters long.


Nabana no Sato - Nagoya TourismNabana no Sato


Nabana no Sato is part of the Nagashima Resort, which is also home to the Nagashima Spa Land amusement park, a water park, a hot spring complex, and a shopping mall.


Interesting Nagoya travel experiences

Visit a Maid Cafe

Have you heard of Japan's maid cafe? They are a popular type of cosplay restaurant where the costumed waiters become maids and treat their customers like masters and mistresses. They are just another quirky yet fun attraction that makes Japan a unique exotic destination. There are a few maid cafes to choose from in the Osu area but the Maidreamin chain is one of the most popular.


A Maid Cafe - Nagoya TourismA Maid Cafe


Go shopping at Don Quijote

If you like bargain shopping, then you'll love Don Quijote (Donki for short). It's a popular discount chain with dozens of stores across the country. Like Daiso, you can find anything and everything at Don Quijote. They sell things like snacks, electronics, cosmetics, socks, phone cases, home appliances, and souvenirs. The largest Don Quijote branches span multiple floors and feel almost like small department stores.


Don Quijote - Nagoya Tourism
Don Quixote

Enjoy delicious food in Nagoya

Nagoya Meshi is the local dish of Nagoya. It is unique to Nagoya and its vicinity in Aichi Prefecture and cannot be found anywhere else in Japan in this form. Nagoya Meshi is not the name of a dish but the name of a cuisine that can only be found in Nagoya.

If you want a specialized experience you should join the Nagoya Meshi food tour when you visit Nagoya. Not only will you get to try 7 delicious dishes and snacks from Nagoya, but you can also learn a lot about the city's culture.


Doteni - Nagoya TourismDoteni is a dish made from beef tendons and daikon radish cooked in Hatcho miso sauce


Kishimen is a flat and wide udon noodle that is a specialty of Nagoya - Nagoya TourismKishimen is a flat and wide udon noodle that is a specialty of Nagoya


Also Osu is one of the most famous areas in Nagoya. In this network of covered shopping streets, you will not only find many second-hand shops, electronics stores, and places that serve Otaku, but also countless street food stalls. Try the best street food and learn about Osu's rich history and culture on the Osu Street Food Walking tour.


Hitsumabushi --Du lịch NagoyaHitsumabushi is served with some condiments like wasabi, nori, grated radish and Japanese pepper


Miso katsu soaked in rich miso sauce - Nagoya TourismMiso katsu soaked in rich miso sauce.


Nagoya TourismTenmusu is a medium-sized snack made with rice balls and a portion of tempura ebi wrapped in nori.