What to eat in Japan? - 10 proud dishes of Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine always makes diners stick around. Each trip is a journey, let's explore 10 dishes with Vietnam Traveler which is the pride of Japanese cuisine! 

Referring to Japanese cuisine, people will immediately think of "sushi" with freshly made fish. Japanese dishes are often prepared simply, not overdoing them with spices that will accentuate the fresh, natural taste. Therefore, when enjoying Japanese food, diners will feel the elegant, gentle flavor, used with dipping sauce to increase the rich flavor. 


1. Sushi - Japanese culinary masterpiece


 Japanese cuisineSushi is a masterpiece dish of Japanese cuisine


Sushi is considered a traditional dish of the land of mourning . Since ancient times, the Japanese have found a way to brew seafood into a rice ball to keep the delicious and natural taste of the seafood. Rice will be mixed with a little vinegar before brewing. Today, chefs often use a few more processed spices to make the dish more fresh, keep the flavor, so that when customers enjoy it, they can feel the greasy taste of seafood. rich in protein. 

Sushi is not only a nutritious dish, it has become a masterpiece of Japanese cuisine . International friends love this dish. 


2. Wasaghi - traditional cake dish of Japanese cuisine


 Japanese cuisineTraditional Wasaghi cake is often used in tea ceremonies


A traditional Japanese cake dish from a long time ago is Wasaghi . As the name of Wasaghi means "natural beauty", by looking at it, we can see that Wasaghi cake is colorful, bright and beautiful. The cake is usually made from glutinous rice flour, fruits, and beans, often used in tea ceremony parties. 

Bite off a piece of Wasaghi cake, you will feel the sweetness gradually disappear on the tip of your tongue. In tea ceremony parties, wasaghi cake is often served with small skewers. Not only a traditional cake, Wasaghi also shows the host's hospitality, and symbolizes the harmony with nature. 

Depending on the season, the cake artist will be inspired by heaven and earth, literature, and poetry to produce the most unique and delicious Wasaghi cakes. 


3. Tempura - traditional dish of Japanese cuisine


 Japanese cuisineTempura has been processed by Japanese artisans in a unique and new way


Famous just after his "brother" Sushi, Tempura is a dish originating "homeland" from Europe . During the Edo period, Tempura was introduced into the country of the rising sun by Portuguese missionaries. The Japanese then reprocessed the dish to suit the taste and culture of Japan.

Tempura is made from fresh seafood, vegetables, then breaded and fried. The highlight that attracts and sets Tempura apart from other deep-fried savory dishes is the seafood, flour, and dipping sauce. The seafood is carefully selected, must be fresh and rich in protein, most commonly shrimp, fish squid, and vegetables such as pumpkin, sweet potato, sweet pepper, etc. Japanese artists have prepared Tempura according to unique way and do not "touch" anyone. 


4. Tonkatsu - the most popular pork dish in Japanese cuisine


 Japanese cuisine
Tonkatsu has become the most popular Japanese dish since the late 19th century

In the late 19th century, artisans of the land of mourning gave birth to Tonkatsu pork and became the most popular dish in Japan . 

The main ingredients of the dish are fried flour, pork loin (average thickness 1-2 cm), sliced ​​into pieces, served with cabbage and miso soup. You can ask to use the breast meat and back, marinated meat wants pepper, lightly sprinkle flour and then dip with eggs before placing in a frying pan. 


5. Yakitori - irresistible grilled skewers of Japanese cuisine


 Japanese cuisineYakitori is a delicious and irresistible grilled meat dish of Japanese cuisine


Yakitori grilled skewers are irresistible delicious street food in the country of the rising sun . The ingredients of the dish are different parts of the chicken, such as chest, thighs, liver, ... which are then grilled on skewers. A skewer of Yakitori meat with chicken and tare sauce is delicious. The highlight of the barbecue is the rich sauce, made from mirin, sake, brown sugar, ... 

Making a characteristic of Japanese street food is indispensable for Yakitori. Visitors to Japan love grilled skewers and often enjoy with a few glasses of Japanese wine. 


6. Sake - a famous rice wine of Japanese cuisine


 Japanese cuisineSake is the most famous rice wine in the land of mourning


Referring to Japanese wine, surely you cannot ignore the most famous rice wine in the land of mourning is sake. For Japanese people, sake is not just an alcoholic beverage, but sake is also a cultural - religious symbol, a bridge between people and people, with the national spirit. 

The most distinctive feature of this drink compared to the famous wines in the world is its ancient origins. Over the centuries, Japanese people still maintain the unique formula and method of making sake, not being mixed by any culture. In winter, people will drink hot sake to warm the body. Or you can use cold sake, which has a similar flavor to high quality wines. 


7. Ramen - the most popular noodle dish in Japanese cuisine 


 Japanese cuisineRamen is considered a "national soul" noodle dish of the rising sun


The Japanese are always proud of the world's most "difficult" traditional cuisine. Ramen is considered a "national soul" noodle dish of the rising sun . 

Ramen noodles are unlike ordinary noodles, made from wheat, water, salt, and ship ash. Ash is the most important ingredient to create the toughness of the noodles as well as its characteristic flavor. The soup in a large ramen noodles is cooked from chicken bones, pork, beef, seafood, ... with tare spices to create a delicious taste.


8. Soba - the most popular noodle dish in Japanese cuisine


 Japanese cuisineSoba noodles are a pride of Japanese cuisine


As famous as its ramen "brother", Soba noodles are a pride of Japanese cuisine. Moderate toughness, dark brown soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour and flour. Artisans have to be very skillful and meticulous to mold and cut each noodle. 

Soba noodles can be served hot or cold, dipped in soy sauce, seaweed, whole bulbs and scallions. Japanese people love this noodle dish and often used it on the traditional New Year holidays. 


9. Shabu Shabu - a famous hot pot dish of Japanese cuisine


 Japanese cuisineShabu Shabu is the most popular hotpot dish in Japanese cuisine


If you are a fan of hot pot parties, you should definitely try Shabu Shabu when coming to Japan. Shabu Shabu is the most popular hotpot dish in the land of mourning , with the main ingredient being beef. The quality of the beef used is very good, fresh, and sliced. 

Visitors will dip the meat in the hot pot broth, used when the meat is undercooked. The highlight of Shabu Shabu is hot pot broth, sweet taste, cooked with cabbage, seaweed, mushrooms, ... 


10. Sukiyaki - a dish that dominates Japanese cuisine


 Japanese cuisineSukiyaki with main ingredients is Rib eye beef and a variety of natural mushrooms


With the main ingredient is Rib eye beef, and a variety of natural mushrooms, Sukiyaki has gradually asserted its great position in the Japanese culinary industry. 

Once the mushrooms and vegetable ingredients are fully ripe, soak your Rib eye beef until it's fully ripe for use. Meat will use sagging egg sauce or Kikkoman soy sauce.