What is the best month to travel to Japan?

The country of Funeral hardly has a beautiful time. However, this makes it difficult to decide which month to travel to Japan, as each season passes in this country with its own special highlights.

About 4 seasons in Japan

Japan is truly a year-round destination and Japanese culture changes with the seasons. Each season offers its own foods and festivals. 

Spring in Japan is famous for the cherry blossom season and you can experience hanami (cherry blossom viewing) in its fullest glory. This romantic time of year is very popular for honeymooners in Japan.


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Summer is said to be the most festive time of the year, with many colors taking place across the country. Get a chance to hike in the mountains and lovely coastal areas.

Autumn in Japan is a magical time of the year, with vibrant autumn colors and pleasant temperatures.

Winter in Japan offers great seafood, great times to take an onsen (hot spring) bath and take part in skiing.


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What is the most ideal month to travel to Japan?



Snow often covers the ground in central Japan at this time making both January and February the perfect time to explore the famous snow monkeys in Nagano. Or gaze at the tranquil still pictures of snow-capped temples and castles, soak in the hot springs and savor a bowl of hot ramen or udon. 


Travel to Japan in months - see the monkey Jigokudani JanuaryPhoto: @ prozac34

Plus, there is less traffic in all tourist spots, offering those who have the courage to bear the cold experience a delightful Japanese winter in popular locations. In Northern Japan, January is after the New Year holiday, marking an important time for skiing. January also marks Sumo Basho New Year in Tokyo and the cherry blossom season begins in Okinawa.


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February marks the official start of diving season in Japan. Sea turtles, sharks, seahorses and manatees can be spotted throughout the season, but courageous divers into February's lower temperature waters will have the highest chance and best conditions for detection. Humpback whale. Because they usually disappear completely from the end of April to the end of November. 


Japan travel months - February scuba divingPhoto: @ divers7okinawa

February is usually the coldest month in Japan. Most people find ways to stay warm by staying inside izakayas or soaking in hot springs. While others are infatuated with winter sports, even pilgrimage north to attend the fun Sapporo Snow Festival. So if you are asked what month to travel to Japan , this is also the right time.


Japan travel months - February snow festival
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March is one of the most popular times to visit Japan, thanks to the warming temperatures and the start of the much-anticipated cherry blossom season. In the middle of the month, some areas in central Japan will begin to see blooming flowers on the trees, signaling hanami celebrations. This is when you experience one of the most popular traditions of this country. 


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Normally, the flowers will last only about 2 weeks and some people choose to watch them when they are in full bloom up to Hokkaido until the end of April. Japanese travel experiences , night parties, drunkenness Under the cherry blossoms and the crowds of people will make you feel excited.


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March and April are also two of the best months to visit Okinawa. During this period, most tourists will gather in the central and northern provinces to experience cherry blossoms. Those interested in a sumo match may want to head to Osaka in March to attend the annual Sumo Spring Basho.


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April and May

What is the best month to travel to Japan ? Rising temperatures in April also signaled the end of Japan's skiing season. If you are looking to admire the beauty of flowers, but cannot come to Japan during the cherry blossom season in March or April; Come to Hokkaido in May, where the last cherry blossoms are starting to bloom.


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There are also pink, white and purple shades from other Japanese flowers such as azaleas, wisteria flowers and irises. Additionally, it should not come between the last Sunday of April - the first week of May. It is a compensatory week off when most of Japan is off work and some businesses are closed. Flights, trains, hotels and other activities often increase in price and are quickly booked in advance. 


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June and July

June starts Japan's rainiest weeks. It is forecasted that there will be heavy rains lasting until July, then gradually thinning to September. Travel to Japan in late July - late August when the slopes reopen and the weather conditions are best for climbing. Phu Sy, but also the most crowded.


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This time also has many interesting festivals:

The Fuji Rock Festival, for music lovers, opens on the last weekend of July, featuring both local and international artists. 

The Gion Festival in Kyoto, the most important cultural event of the city, takes place throughout July. Known for its lavish displays of paper lanterns and floats.

- Mitama Festival in the Chiyoda district of Tokyo. You will see traditional dances, lovely lanterns and a chance to admire the beautiful yukatas (summer kimonos) that many people wear on this occasion.


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The big Obon holiday takes place in mid-August, so if you ask what month to travel to Japan , this is a quite interesting and exciting time. Obon is an event honoring the dead. It was a time when the Japanese believed that the living and the dead could reunite to eat, drink and have fun together. The streets were filled with festivals and dancing, and hotels burned out. 


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In the second week of September, all hiking trails of Mount Fuji  are closed. The weather at this time can be a bit harsh with scattered showers and hotter, especially in the southern provinces. Visit the Sapporo Autumn Festival, one of Japan's biggest culinary festivals, offering traditional dishes with an abundance of sake and other local wines.


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October and November

Travel to Japan in beautiful months , this is the time when the warm colors of autumn start slowly pouring down on the islands in central Japan. This time ends the diving season in Okinawa, although some people still flock to the island for the warm temperatures and beautiful beaches. The autumn scenery and temperatures also make it a great time to visit the deer in Nara.


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December is winter for Japan and it snows a lot. When it became cold enough for snow to stick on the ground, ski resorts began to open up across central Japan and Hokkaido. Although it is quite cold and you have to wear layers, don't let this stop you. 


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Winter is one of the best times to visit Japan, when temples and landscapes are often covered in picturesque snow. However, due to the New Year's holiday, the scenery is often very crowded. From December 29 to January 10, there are lots of activities and festivals in Japan , so it's best to book the services in advance. If you're not ready for winter, head over to Kyushu, where autumn only starts in December.


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Traveling to Japan in months does not seem important when the country of the rising sun always welcomes you with interesting things. Just planning and doing, you will surely have an unforgettable experience!