Sushi Bazooka Sushezi The best sushi maker kit solution in 2019

Sushi Bazooka Sushezi is the best rated sushi maker among sushi lovers. Its design, accessible price, ease of use and amazing preparation results make it the best sushi making kit in 2019, perfect to prepare and enjoy maki sushi and Californian rolls with your kids, friends or family.

Sushi making kit Sushi Bazooka Sushezi

Product Specifications:

  • Size:  6 x 29.5 cm cylinder (2.6 x 12 inches)
  • Material: Polypropilene (PP) plastic
  • Color: White
  • 3 Pieces: Bazooka Cylinder, Plunger and End Cap
  • Latches: Plastic latches to secure ingredients inside the cylinder
  • Dishwasher safe

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Advantages over other sushi making kits

The most important thing to do before buying a new sushi maker is to know which its advantages are compared with other similar products. On this review we show you the most outstanding advantages:

  • Ideal for beginners: Sushi is not the easiest recipe to make within the Japanese cuisine. Making sushi in the traditional way requires some time and practice. For those who are starting in the world of sushi, Sushezy sushi maker will provide all the facilities to prepare perfectly shaped and delicious sushi rolls.
  • Perfect size: The reduce size of this sushi bazooka maker makes it very easy to storage after usage. The 3 pieces that make this tool assemble perfectly reducing the effective space needed to keep it safe.  
  • Quickest solution: Making sushi using other methods (even the traditional Japanese way), requires several steps: the proper distribution of the rice over the nori, selecting the right amount of rice, placing the sushi filling ingredients in the right position, etc. This, not only requires more practice, but also, after master the technique, consumes longer time than using Sushezi Sushi Bazooka . The cylinder shape of this sushi maker works as the perfect delimiter of ingredients and helps compacting them to obtain sushi rolls with great consistency.
  • Fun to prepare: His intelligent design is compared with a bazooka because of the fancy way in which the rice roll is push out from the cylinder. This function is not only practical and convenient but also fun when preparing sushi with your friends or kids.
  • Easy to clean: Some other products with fancy design also include small spaces and holes in which rice and other ingredients get stacked. When this happens, taking your time cleaning the device is important to avoid those little pieces of food get rotten within your sushi maker. You will not have that problem with the Sushi Bazooka Sushezi. His inner structure lacks those inconvenient spaces making this sushi maker very easy to clean in a very short time.
  • Best quality-cost kit: Sushezi sushi maker relies on a very efficient design that allows the preparation of professional sushi rolls using a structure of inexpensive polypropylene plastic. This sushi making kit gives you the best possible performance using modest materials. This is the main reason why Sushi Bazooka Sushezi is the best rated sushi maker among buyers.

How to use your Sushezi sushi maker. Step by Step

Sushezi sushi maker is a gadget that allows the preparation of quality sushi recipes in a short period of time with a quite fast learning curve.  Right after a couple of trials you will get used to the device. In the following video you will see how to use this sushi making kit and the kind of results you can get using it. I addition, we also provide a step by step guide based on the official instructions of this tool:

Step by step instructions for Sushi Bazooka Sushezi

Step-1: Open the Sushezi Bazooka main body (cylinder) and spread a bit of oil in the inside.

Step-2: Wet your hands before handle the rice. Place 1/2 cup of boiled sushi rice mixed with rice vinegar into one half of the cylinder and repeat with another  1/2 cup into the other half.

Step-3: Take the plunger rod and lay it in the center of the rice on one half of the cylinder. Press firmly to make space in the center of the cylinder to place the ingredients. Repeat the same process in the other half

Step-4: Lay the ingredients into grooves you created.

Step-5: Relocate the plunger laying the thread end into the screw channel. Be sure that the end place is against the end of the thread.

Step-6: Close both halves together to form the main cylinder and compact the ingredients. Make sure you start with an angle of 45 degrees.

Step-7: Clip the latches firmly and close the top with the end cap making sure it is secure by locking it properly.

Step-8: Turn the plunger knob about 5 times while holding the sushi bazooka until the mark of the rod is reached (5-6 full turns). Depending on the amount of rice and ingredients used you might compress more or less to obtain the right consistency.

Step-9: Prepare a nori sheet with its glossy side face down. Unlock and remove the end cup and locate the Sushezi Bazooka near the longest edge of the nori.

Step-10: Push the plunger right through while fitting the rice roll properly over the nori seaweed.

Step-11: Roll the nori around you rice roll using a bit of water on the area in which the nori overlaps.

Step-12: Wait around 15 min until the nori sheet softens and then cut your roll according to your preferred size.

Step-13: each cut, use a wet towel to clean your knife to remove the stickiness of the rice and enjoy your sushi!

Other models and offers for Sushi Bazooka Sushezi for sale

Before buying the sushi bazooka sushezi there is something you should know

Sushezi Sushi Bazooka was developed to provide a cheap and efficient solution to make quality sushi in a simple way. However, sometimes, while adjusting the latches they might fall off. This is not a big problem because they can be placed in again easily.

To maintain the spectacular price-efficiency ratio of this tool, the polypropylene used for the plastic parts might make them see a bit weak. However, that apparent weakness is actually a positive thing. The flexibility given by this material protects the tool to be broken from falls.

We thought that it was important to give you these details before you buy this product. However we will like to mention again the fantastic performance and great ratings reported from all users of Sushi Bazooka Sushezi.

Final conclusion: The most efficient sushi making kit.

If you really like sushi and you don’t want to pay inflated prices to eat it in restaurants, Sushi Bazooka Sushezi is, without a doubt, the perfect sushi making kit for many reasons: its makes professional quality sushi with minimum effort, it has a very accessible price and it could be enjoyed by adults and kids.

Sushezi Sushi Bazooka offers the best market solution of 2019 to make sushi recipes easily without long training periods. You will be preparing sushi for your friends and family in no time.

Most users acquiring Sushezi Sushi making kit were very impress with the final results. If you are a real sushi lover, this is your best option.

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Are you ready to learn everything about sushi?


  1. What is sushi?
  2. What is the difference between sushi and sashimi?
  3. Types of sushi
  4. Is all sushi made with raw fish?
  5. How to make sushi
  6. How to eat sushi
  7. Why do we eat wasabi with sushi?
  8. What is the name of sushi rice?              
  9. Health benefits of sushi
  10. What kind of sushi can you eat while pregnant?
  11. Why is sushi so popular around the world?
  12. Sushi restaurants
  13. Trivia about sushi

What is sushi?

nigiri sushi what is sushi

Sushi is a popular Japanese dish composed of two main ingredients. The first one is a mix of vinegared rice with some sugar and salt. This mix is called sushi-meshi which means “sushi food” because it contains most of sushi carbohydrates. Its key ingredient is the sushi rice usually called shari. The second component of sushi is the ingredients we used as topping for the rice, also called neta. Even the most popular is raw fish, you can see sushi with many other topping, from omelet to avocado.

What is the difference between sushi and sashimi?

sushi and sashimi

It a very common mistake to mix this two concepts. Both sushi and sashimi are Japanese dishes, however they are not at all the same. Sashimi is a way of preparing fish and meat that involves served then raw. Per example, if you ask chicken sashimi in a Japanese restaurant they will bring you raw chicken chopped in small dices with some sauce. It also apply to fish like salmon and tuna. On the other side, sushi is a combination between rice and a topping ingredient, which might be a piece of sashimi. In conclusion, sashimi is raw fish or meat and sushi is vinegared rice topped with any ingredient.

The reason of the sushi vs sashimi confusion comes from popularity acquired by sushi for containing raw fish. Probably, people exporting sushi were advertising raw fish as a new and exciting way of eating. Years later, when sashimi started gaining popularity, people were confused because they realize that it was “also” meaning raw fish!

Types of sushi

Nigiri sushi or Nigirizushi


Nigiri sushi is maybe the most popular way of preparing sushi. It is famous for each simplicity. Basically, after preparing the ball of rice that makes the base of your sushi, a secondary ingredient is placed in the top.

Maki sushi or Makizushi

maki sushi

It is translated as sushi roll and it implies that the sushi is wrapped using seaweed. This type of sushi have includes the extra ingredients in the core. They are surrounded by rice and finally wrapped in seaweed. This type has three possible sub classifications:

  • Norimaki: This will be the traditional sushi roll. It is wrapped with a thin seaweed called Nori.
  • Futomaki: Translated as fat maki. It is basically a huge Norimaki that usually includes more than one ingredient inside
  • Temaki: Translated as “wrapped by hand”. It’s a typical way of eating sushi when it is cooked at home. Nori is rolled in a cone shape and its filled with rice and other ingredients

Oshi sushi or Oshizushi

oshi suzhi type

This is basically the same as Maki sushi, a base of rice topped with different ingredients. However its main difference if the shape, oshi sushi is shaped as a square.

Inari sushi or inarizushi

inari sushi type

This is maybe the only type of sushi that has not variety in the ingredients. It consists of a core of rice wrapped in a skin of sweet fried tofu called aburaage. Although Inari sushi is quite popular in Japan, usually foreigners find weird the combination of rice and sweet tofu.

Chirashi sushi or Chirashizushi

chirashi sushi type

Chirashi sushi is probably the less known type outside Japan. This is because, even though it is basically the same, it does not look like the other types of sushi. A ration of shirazushi is presented as a bowl of rice topped with different ingredients.

Is all sushi made with raw fish?

raw fish

Well if you reach this point you should already know, don’t you? The answer is: no necessarily. The main and always required ingredient of sushi is vinegared rice. Among the possible ingredients used as topping raw fish is just one of them. It is true that using raw fish on the top is quite popular. According to many is also the most delicious way of eating sushi. However on any Japanese sushi restaurant you will find a wide variety of sushi not including raw fish.

How to make sushi

person making sushi

Many people want to learn how to make sushi. It might look complicated at first but it is actually quite simple once you learn some tricks. One thing about Japanese people is that they are very serious about following the recipe step by step. Therefore if you follow the instructions and you have the sushi maker kit, you will be making sushi in no time!

There are many different types of sushi, so for the moment let’s focus on the popular sushi roll also known as makizushi. It includes nori seaweed which taste sends you directly to the land of the rising sun. In the following video you can see the step-by-step sushi recipe to prepare delicious makizushi.

How to eat sushi

how to eat sushi

Japanese people have a quite traditional spirit, therefore they still keep some rituals when it comes to eat traditional dishes. However this does not mean that all Japanese people follow these rituals always. Certainly, eating sushi is no an exception.

In this section I am going to give you some general tips about sushi eating. However you have to find you own way. First of all, when it comes to sushi we need to have in mind 3 other side ingredients: wasabi, soy sauce and picked ginger.

Side ingredients



It is a very typical Japanese spice. It is quite hot however not the kind hot you are expecting. In other words, it has nothing to do with chili. I will describe the feeling as when you take a deep breath after finishing a mint candy. When you taste wasabi, at the beginning, it climbs from your tongue to your nose and then it reaches the eyes. Therefore, if you eat too much, a couple of tears will come out and after several seconds you will be okay. Try very little amounting the first time and increasing it according to your needs.

Soy sauce

soy sauce

Its salty sauce that comes in many varieties. On sushi restaurants in Japan you can easily have 4 or 5 different soy sauces to try. Moreover, in many places they also offer sweet soy sauce for those that don’t like salt so much.

Picked ginger

pickled ginger

It has strong ginger taste so is never mixed with sushi because you will miss the original taste. However when you are eating sushi with different topping ingredients, eating a small piece of ginger refresh your mouth. As a result, you can better appreciate the following sushi.

Typical eating protocol

  • Step-1: Prepare in a side dish a bit of the soy sauce you like the best.
  • Step-2: Using the chopsticks grab the amount of wasabi you like and put it in the top of your sushi.
  • Step-3: Grab the sushi with your chopsticks and dip it superficially into the soy sauce.
  • Step-4: After dipping the sushi, without releasing it, eat it!

Our personal recommendation

Here is a trick which I learn from some Japanese friends. In the dish you use for the soy sauce you can actually mix several types of soy sauce. I usually like to put normal soy sauce mixed with sweet soy sauce. After that I include some wasabi and mix it good. Finally you only need to dip and eat! Using this strategy you will enjoy more the wasabi taste because it will be more distributed.

Why do we eat wasabi with sushi?

sushi and wasabi

Well there are three main reasons. The first one has some historical background. In the past there were fewer controls on raw fish and meat. Wasabi is quite effective suppressing the bacteria and microbes that produce food poisoning. Therefore, when there was a doubt about the quality of the ingredients, wasabi was used as a way to feel safer.

The second reason is slightly connected to the first one. In this case, wasabi works very well covering the smell of fish which many people dislike to feel while eating

And the third and most important, wasabi has the property of drawing out more of ingredients flavor. Therefore no matter which kind of sushi you are eating, mixing it with wasabi is always a good idea.

What is the name of sushi rice?

rice for sushi

This is another common question than requires some explanations. Sushi rice or, in Japanese, sushi-meshi of shari, is the name of the boiled rice mixed with rice vinegar. Therefore it does not involve any specific type of rice seed. However, when it comes to choose a good rice to make sushi, it is important to choose a rice rich in starch. This way it will be easier to the sticky texture required to keep the grains together. Good standard brands that are widely available in the U.S. are Kokuho Rose and Nishiki.

Health benefits of sushi

sushi and health

Sushi is an extremely balanced food. Mainly, it provides you energies from the carbohydrates of the rice without any kind of processed or saturated fat. Energies coming from carbohydrates are the one that body prefers for daily activities; therefore they will not be storage as fat if you have an active life.  Secondly, the fresh vegetable, fish and meat coming with sushi provide many beneficial nutrients and vitamins required on daily basis. In the following sections we will enumerate several of the benefits of sushi nutrients.

Blood circulation

Both fish and soy sauce are rich in iron which boosts the production of red blood cells. Therefore sushi is a good iron source that improve blood circulation which can affect positively you metabolism, hair growth and skin condition.

Immune System

When it comes to kill bacteria and microbe, wasabi and ginger are very effective ingredients. For this reason, consuming then ginger and wasabi with sushi help your immune system to keep those microbes controlled.

Cancer prevention

Another good property about ginger and wasabi is that they are rich in antioxidants. This antioxidants are very good removing free radicals in out cells which is one of the main reason of the appearance of carcinogenic cells.

Improve Metabolism

Sushi is a low fat food. Most of the energy it provides to the body comes from carbohydrates which the body loves to use daily. This stops the accumulation of fat and allows your body to perform cleaner metabolic processes.

Hormone Regulation

Sushi rolls are wrapped in sheets of Japanese seaweed or nori. This ingredient is rich in several minerals. One of them is iodine which plays an important role for the correct function of the thyroid glands. Therefore, the moderate consumption of nori helps balancing hormones and other metabolic processes.

Cardiovascular Health

End but not least, sushi is a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids. This beneficial source of cholesterol helps cleaning your arteries preventing from clogging. As a results the blood pressure improves and the risk of cardiovascular diseases is reduced.

What kind of sushi can you eat while pregnant?

sushi and pregnancy

This is another question that requires just a bit of background. First, let’s clarify where this concern comes from. Women immune system gets weakened during pregnancy therefore they should avoid food that might contain any bacteria or microbe potentially dangerous for the baby.

Although there are several bacteria that can be dangerous for them associated with raw fish and meat, this is only true if the fish or meat didn’t pass the minimum health controls. However nowadays, at least in Japan, no matter where get them, raw fish and meat are completely safe. The cases of Japanese people getting sick because of food poisoning related to raw ingredients are almost none.

Nevertheless, there is a bacteria call listeria which is potentially dangerous for the baby during pregnancy and sometimes exist in raw fish in bad conditions. This should not be a big problem nowadays but, given the weakened immune systems, even in Japan, they recommend pregnant women not to consume raw fish or meat.

So, does that mean that you cannot eat sushi at all? Of course not! If you have been following this entry, you should know already that sushi does not mean raw fish. On the contrary, there are many sushi varieties that contain no fish at all and are still delicious. Just ask for sushi without fish. If you are in a restaurant in Japan you can use the sentence “sakana taberarenai” which means “I cannot eat fish”. That should be enough to enjoy your sushi even during pregnancy

sushi sign

After reading this article you might guess why sushi is so popular, but let’s summarize the main points that make this food so special.

Taste and Variety

Sushi is very tasty, mixing it with soy sauce and wasabi makes it even better. But if it was always the same taste, will be boring at some point isn’t it? However here is where variety takes control. There are so many different types of sushi that is impossible to get tired of them. Depending on your mood you can choose each day the one that appeals more.

It’s quite cool and exotic

Of course this is an important fact. People are attracted to uncommon and fancy things. Certainly that’s one of sushi secret weapon to be so popular. Eating sushi outside Japan might be a bit expensive, but that’s also plays an important role on its popularity because is considered a symbol of status.

Healthy and convenient

Sushi not only has the taste and variety, but is also low in fat. All ingredients are natural and highly contribute to a balance diet. This way of eating is what makes Japanese diet so healthy and put them as the country with highest life expectancy. Moreover, as they are small portions with lots of energy, eating sushi is quite convenient even during busy live. In conclusion, it give you energy easily, it taste good and it’s actually healthy!


Well, we know that if you don’t live in Japan, probably eating sushi is not the cheapest thing. However, if you come to the land of the rising sun, you can find many sushi train restaurants (called “kaiten sushi”, meaning rotating sushi). Each sushi dish contains 2 pieces of sushi and costs around 80 cents! With around 8 dollars you can eat enough sushi for the whole day! So if you really like sushi, we strongly recommend you to come Japan at least once in your life.

Sushi restaurants

japanese restaurant

Given the popularity of sushi, we can find sushi bars all around the globe. However, in this section we will mention the types of sushi restaurants that we can commonly find in Japan.

Traditional sushi restaurant

These places are quite fancy and therefore more expensive. They focus a lot on providing a good service to the customer. They serve only high quality fish and the portions are small. They main purpose of eating in these restaurants is to appreciate all the nuances of sushi taste.

Kaiten sushi or sushi train

These are without a doubt the favorites of the current folk. These restaurants are almost fully automatized. Firstly, when you get in, you choose in a machine the number of people and the sitting preferences. Soon they will assign you a table.

After that, you will see that each table provides access to a tablet from which you can make your orders. When your order is ready, the system will inform you in different ways. In some places, your order arrives through train of dishes, but in other there is an actual train that travels through a secondary track that moves to your table with your orders! Isn’t that amazing?

The average price for 2 pieces of sushi is 108 yens (around 80 cents). Moreover each table is provided with free green tea, water, soy sauce, wasabi and ginger. If you come to Japan you should certainly try a kaiten sushi restaurant.

Trivia about sushi

Sushi is so damn popular that we can find all kind of crazy stuff around related to sushi. Here some examples:

Sushi Cake

The basic way of making sushi implies the placement of a layer of ingredients over a base of rice. Wait! Does this don’t remind you to cake making? Exactly! Using rice as biscuits and different ingredients as cream, we can make a sushi cake. They are of course salty and they became quite popular in Japan.

Body sushi

Also known as nyotaimori is maybe the most expensive way of eating sushi. Basically it consist in eating sushi from a naked person, usually a woman. It is possible to find some restaurants offering this service round Japan, mostly in Tokyo. As is it expected from this culture, the rules are quite strict for costumers to avoid any inappropriate behavior towards the man or woman lying in the table. Do you think it is crazy? Well then you still have many thing to learn about this culture!

Sushi Go!

It is fast-playing card game in which players compete to grab the best combination of sushi dishes in the shortest period of time. This game was created by Phil Walker-Harding and released by and Italian-German editorial. In the last years it gain a lot of popularity in the geek community. You should try to play with your friends.

Sushi Time

From card to video game! Sushi time is a videogame released for Nintendo switch on March 2019. In this game you are challenged to create the best sushi bar in the town. Through more than 60 levels you will try to serve your orders without mixing the ingredients. You can enjoy this sushi game both with friends and kids.